Our Work

Wöchmaker is passionate about what it does and we firmly believe that your athletic success is our success. We are comprised of dedicated and talented individuals with a genuine interest in sports and we want to help you achieve greatness while standing quietly behind the scenes as athletes break records and become household names.

We have worked extensively with athletes across many different sports, from baseball and basketball to soccer and more. Because we take care of the day to day management, assist with negotiating contracts, and closely watch the numbers, we are confident that our clients speak highly of our ability to concentrate on the daily tasks while they focus on bettering their skills, winning games, and basking in the adrenaline of achieving success.

Take a moment to examine our work and what we’ve done for previous clients. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Work 1

In order to develop a successful career as a player or even a coach, enthusiasm, motivation, bravery, determination, passion, ambition, and skill are just a few of the many elements that you need to cultivate. In all respects, both in good and worse times, we help and counsel our clients on a personal and professional level to get the best out of their careers by taking the right decisions when the time is right. You are the central figure in supporting sports initiatives for your brand (you the athlete), as well as creating a public understanding of the value of sport participation, liaising to encourage best practice with governing bodies, schools, and local clubs.

Work 2

As a platform for clients interested in developing sports and entertainment commercial partnerships that can drive business results and achieve marketing goals, Wöchmaker makes its connections, expertise, experience, extensive research network, and relationships accessible and comprehensive. In doing so, we reduce the internal labor costs of our clients and act as a cost-effective supplier of services for brands, athletes, and more.

Work 3

Any dependable financial program begins with a budget that is well prepared and runs. In order to raise and maintain this help, players, teams, brands, and agents need financial support, and therefore often need people. Athletic trainers, sports managers, and other sport-oriented professionals all need to know how to derive and handle certain financial aspects professionally.